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Mold Proof Prevention

“We don't just remove mold — we also prevent it. Even in the cold climate of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, mold can become a problem (as can mildew, algae, etc.). We offer mold prevention so that you can don’t have to deal with mold remediation! Choose from low-cost partial treatments or turn your home into a permanently mold-proofed citadel. After the work is done, we offer Mold Clearance Testing to make sure mold can never infiltrate.”

Hot Zone Installation

Treatment of basement, crawl spaces and attics — called “hot zones” — including associated masonry, plastic, metal, wood, structural framing, plumbing, HVAC, sheathing, joists, trusses, and foundations.

Full Home Mold-Proofing

The Hot Zone Installation plus all living spaces, including inside walls, under cabinets, upholstery, carpets and other flooring, HVAC, even door handles and drawer pulls! Our process is safe and leaves no chemical residue. We use only environmentally friendly products.

Additions and Expansions

Customized solutions for any additions to your home.

Mold Proof Your Office

Everything you see above also applies to commercial properties. Whether you need only a small office treatment or need to have your entire office park mold-proofed, we can help! Our processes are safe and leave no chemical residue.

Click here to find out more about the environmentally friendly products we use.

Mold Proof During Construction

“What if you’re building a house or other structure? Good news! Now is the perfect time to bring us in. Mold proofing is a tremendous value-add for new construction in and around Chicago. With our lifetime renewable guarantee, you’ll have real peace of mind. You can permanently prevent mold in your new construction.”

Hot Zone Plus Installations: Includes hot zones (unconditioned areas such as basements, crawl spaces, stairwells, and attics) plus areas that tend to be high-moisture such as kitchens, baths, and laundry areas.

Perimeter Installations: Includes all areas in the Hot Zone Plus Installations, plus all exterior wall framing, sheathing, door jambs, window jambs, and plumbing runs.

Ultimate Structural Installations: Includes everything noted above, plus coverage of all trusses and joists.

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