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Mold Prevention

Here is our crew!

Joe - Owner

Joe started Mold Pro back in 2004. He had his Real Estate license since 2000 but noticed that mold was becoming as much of a threat to real estate transactions as other indoor hazards such as asbestos, radon and lead based paint. Joe became nationally certified with NAMP (National Associations of Mold Professionals) and began providing services throughout the wider Chicago metro area. Joe developed Ethical Standards that match his background in Ministry (Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies and 12 years of Church work) and his insistence that we at Mold Pro Chicago treat people as we would want to be treated.

Mary - Owner 

Mary is an owner and has been involved in the family business since 2005. Mary actually began by doing mold inspections as our Scent Detection Canine Handler. She handled Lati, our mold sniffing beagle. Mary trained with Lati and David Latimer (canine trainer who we named Lati after) in Alabama. Mary and Lati teamed up to detect mold where it couldn’t be seen. Mary and Lati are still best friends, although Lati is retired now as Joe’s family pet. Nowadays, Mary is the female presence, greeting our clients at the door. She offers a certain touch that every project needs.

Brian - Supervisor 

Brian became certified in 2005 and has since been supervising mold remediation jobs for us. He has done countless mold inspections, assessments for proposals, mold tests and consultative jobs for our clients. Brian makes sure we have the right crew, the right equipment and the right product on each project. He is the man responsible for Quality Control. So, in other words, he is your best friend.

Chris - In Loving Memory

IOn September 28, 2017 our company and our family had experienced the most painful loss we ever have. Not a day goes by that we do not miss his smile and his energy. He was the face of Mold Pro when he would take mold tests and measurements for remediation. His care for our clients was authentic. 
Chris genuinely cared for people and he put into action our company core value of treating our clients as we all want to be treated. Chris wanted to help people and he wanted to do it for the lowest cost possible. He empathized with people; just read the reviews that mention Chris. We thank God for Chris and that he is now enjoying paradise.

Jason - Certified Technician

Jason has been doing mold remediation with us since 2006. He is IICRC certified and has a great mind for delivering exactly what the client wants, and exactly what the building space needs to ensure good air quality for its occupants. Regarding years of experience and many classroom training hours, clients are as comfortable and confident with Jason in their home as we are, having Jason as a mainstay in our family business.

Steve - Technician 

Steve is the newest addition to our Mold Pro Chicago family. He joined us in 2016 but has already proven himself as a quick learner and broad-shouldered, Chicago-style worker. He is reliable, punctual and all that we could ask for in an employee. Our clients just know that the jobs are done well, on time and by a very competent person.

Marty - Technician 

Marty has been in our family from the beginning. He brings the “Middle Aged” presence to our jobs. He is the jovial, easy-going father-figure on our crew. The other crew members can rely on him and our clients, especially older clients, can feel comfortable conveying to and understanding Marty. He is definitely a calm confident presence on our remediation jobs.