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Thank you so much for your prompt attention testing my home for mold. As you know, I was concerned on the heels of my daughter’s rather disastrous mold situation in Oak Park, and the fact that some of their belongings came here prior to abatement.

Your company has provided me with the assurance I needed. Thank you. I’d appreciate it if you could pass along my gratitude to Chris who came to my home and did the actual testing. What a personable young man!

He was so professional and thorough. In 25 years of owning this home, which has required more tending than I’d like to recall, I haven’t had contractor/workers who were any more professional and kind than Chris. I was nervous coming off of my daughter’s situation, and he was just the person to work with. He took care, even looking in my attic, and took the samples that I wanted. I knew that I was probably testing more than I needed, but he was kind about assuring me that if I wanted the extra tests for peace of mind that I wasn’t goofy to do so. But, he made it clear throughout his visit that things looked good.

Thanks again. I promise to recommend your company to any friends who need help. In fact, in the next few days I’ll write on Angie’s List.

- Gail Sikevitz


Work Completed Date: November 25, 2015

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $2,100.00

Description Of Work: Remediation of mold in the attic and the basement

Member Comments:

It went really well, He was willing to come out on a Sunday to give me the quote which is unheard of. Had his guys there the day after I told him the project was a go. The job was done and cleaned up. You wouldn't have even known he was there. ( Except the mold was gone! )

I have since referred him to two other jobs which the clients were pleased with his work as well.

- Tim Ryan

Work Completed Date: January 26, 2016

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $164.00

Description Of Work: Did a visual inspection of attic. Also did a surface sample in the attic and an air sample in our upstairs bedroom. Made recommendations based on results from mold report.

Member Comments:

We just purchased a house. During the home inspection, our inspector found mold in the attic. We told the previous owners that the mold problem needs to be fixed before we close on the house. The previous owners hired a company to fix the issue. I know NOTHING about mold... I assumed the mold company that the previous owners hired would scrub the mold off, but instead they sprayed some sort of paint looking substance over it. Just to have peace of mind that the job was done right, we called Mold Pro Chicago.

Joe from Mold Pro Chicago showed up right on time. I explained to him that I was a new homeowner and I knew nothing about mold. I had a million questions for him... In his opinion, did the previous guys take care of the mold properly? Is there good mold and bad mold? How do I interpret the mold report? What is a safe level of mold in the air? etc.

Joe took the time to answer every question I had and explain all of the tests he was doing in detail. He also spent a few minutes going over an old mold report with me to explain what everything meant.

Joe knew I was a new homeowner and know nothing about mold... and I'd likely end up buying whatever service he recommended. He could have easily taken advantage and told me I need to have my entire house worked on and I would have believed him and spent the money. Instead, he was very honest and explained the pros and cons of getting additional work done.

In the end, I not only feel good about my decision to use Mold Pro Chicago, but I also really like the fact that I understand mold a lot better. I would definitely recommend Mold Pro Chicago to everybody!

Brandon Black

Work Completed Date: January 12, 2016

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $189.00

Description Of Work: Mold inspection with 3 tests

Member Comments:

They were very nice and professional. We had a leak in the ceiling and I wanted to make sure there was no mold problem. The tests came back very reassuring. For peace of mind (it's my baby's room) I called to see if they thought we should have them do remediation, but rather than try to make some easy money off of me he said it was nothing I should worry about and suggested a mold spray that would take care of any issues and ensure any mold is killed. Would use again and recommend.

 - Jack Donovan

Work Completed Date: October 05, 2015

Description Of Work: Inspected the attic area for possible mold.

Member Comments:

I called Mold Pro after Trela Roofing inspected my attic and stated I might want to have it checked for mold. I contacted Angie's list and was referred to Mold Pro. I immediately called, left a message, and was contacted within 15 minutes. The inspector was in the area and came by within the hour. After inspecting, I was told he didn't see a mold issue, and that the roof nails were causing discoloration to the wood. I appreciated the prompt inspection since the thought of mold had me quite nervous. I would definitely call this company again if needed.

- Joyce

Work Completed Date: October 05, 2015

Description Of Work:

First through coupon on Angie's List, provider came and inspected site. He was wonderful. He recommended we wait on air quality reports until after mold remediation. He gave us a quote which was very detailed, outlined every thing they would do and exactly what it cost. Day of the work, they arrived right on time and completed work early. They removed all the paneling and flooring in basement, treated mold, treated mold in attic and then cleaned all ductwork.

Member Comments:

See above: The best experience with any contractor we have ever had!

- Gail

Work Completed Date: September 11, 2014

Description Of Work: Mold damage remediation and repair

Member Comments:

I can't say enough good things about Joe and Brian. From the first meeting with Joe to inspect the property we had just purchased to the final inspection after the work was done with Brian the folks at Mold Pro were professional and dependable. An added bonus was when we found that there was massive electrical work that needed to be done, Brian recommended a great electrician who was able to work within our budget and get the unit rewired in our time frame. Beyond the great work done by their crews, they always cleaned up at the end of each day and were friendly even during those times I was, and probably shouldn't have been, looking over their shoulder. There were a couple of spots we discovered during the work that were not specifically a part of the contract which this provider was happy to give me either a reduced price on or do the work gratis. In all, while I hope I do not need their services again if I ever do the Mold Pro Group will be the people I call. They are fantastic.

- Stephen


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