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Family-Owned Mold Remediation & Removal Company

“We’re happy to bring the National Mold Proof Network to the Chicago and Tinley Park area. We love living and working with homeowners and businesses in Illinois and are committed to making life healthier for folks here in Chicago.”

What Makes Us Unique

In whatever we do, we make it a point to care for our clients rather than just provide a service to customers. Unfortunately, many in the mold remediation industry rely on scare tactics to generate revenue. That’s understandable, because mold and mildew really do present health risks, but we believe that our mold prevention and removal services make life better for our clients, so that’s how we approach things. It’s not so much a frightening situation as it is an opportunity to improve your quality of life.

Here at Mold Pro Chicago, we prevent, preserve, and protect against mold so we can prevent health risks, preserve property values, and protect against potential repair costs. We like to prevent mold instead of just removing it because the costs of dealing with the presence of mold far outweigh the costs of preventing it.

Everyone at Mold Pro Chicago lives and works here in the area, so we have a unique understanding of what homeowners and businesses in Illinois need. For example, we establish Acceptable Fungal Ecology (AFE) and high indoor air quality when we are hired to do work, seeking to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Our Family-Owned Business

We are a family-owned and -operated business, we are faith-based, and we have “heart values” that motivate us to improve our clients’ quality of life. We have the same commitment to our employees and others associated with our business, which is a big reason we use environmentally friendly products and methods. The fact is, using eco-friendly products produces a safer working environment. There are also other advantages to choosing to work with our company, including our guarantees and history reports.

The Mold Pro Network

We’re growing! If you live in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin, you may be near one of our providers. We cover a growing region, from Milwaukee, WI, to Kankakee, IL, and from Kalamazoo, MI, to Rockford, IL. The counties we serve include Cook, Lake, Dupage, and Will. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to find a local provider. In addition, we are excited to be part of the National Mold Proof Network, which has authorized contractors across the United States.

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